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Nearly every artist begins his or her career creating impressive messes with fingerpaints at age 3. After abandoning the practice for decades and well into adulthood, I began my professional career painting with my fingers in art school, early 90's. My first major exhibit was of fingerpaintings, and, like most of my other work, these have found loving homes and dedicated owners. 

But a few have been rediscovered, as noted.

I stopped making these when I started painting with fire. If I ever revisit the practice, these early works will signify the developmental phase of this art. If I don't, they will continue to represent the style that launched my art career.

after the conflict

c1994. Fingerpainting in oil and oil pastel on heavily primed, heavyweight cotton rag paper. 19"h x 30"w, 27"h x 38"w framed. Exhibited once, and displayed in my mother's home for 24 years.

a new land

This oil pastel and oil color piece is on primed board. I think I selectively scraped through the finished painting with a butter knife, revealing lights and darks below the surface and really lighting it up. Yes, that's a book lying open on the grass. Approximately 36 x 36 inches framed.

a difficult road to travel

A rare work in pastel on paper. Glowing colors and nearly a live sky. Displayed in my mother's home for many years.

kinetic motion

Comprised of "Forward, Backward", on the left, and "Side To Side", on the right, this c2003 piece was finger-painted with oils, oil pastels, ink, and a little spray paint on primed cotton rag paper. A rare diptych, it measures 22'h x 27"w overall, and 32"h x 37"w framed. Exhibited once. Displayed in my home for about 15 years.

untitled #1, 2010

As with its partner, below, this mixed media, mixed application piece flows with energy and flaunts its rhythms. Strong, rich colors coupled with varied lights offer a dazzling visual display. 43"h x 28"w.

untitled #2, 2010

Mixed media and mixed application with great energy brought this piece to life. Suggestive, color-saturated, imbued with flow and infused with light subtle and bold. The artist in motion. Very similar in many ways to my drawings and differing strongly in color. 43"h x 28"w on archival cotton rag paper, as with all of my work unless otherwise noted.

There are numerous variables affecting the value of a given artwork, from rarity, to size, to relative and relevant significance within an overall body of work. Larger paintings will always be more expensive, and often more valuable, than smaller ones. Works that are emblematic of a stage or phase of an artist's career hold more value than those that don't. Published works carry a premium not borne by unpublished ones.  

This means that fingerpainting prices vary from $3000 to $7000 depending on the details. And the details are always free; all you need to do is contact me through the link, below right.

Thank you for visiting. Your comments will be appreciated, and may be sent also through the contact link.

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