These compelling images reflect the artist's visions of a warmer world.  They are infused with kinetic motion, glowing light, and the unmistakable vestiges of a crackling blaze.  Each of these paintings is truly unique, and none can be repeated.
Peter Kephart's Firepaintings captivate the mind and spirit of the viewer.  They must be seen to be believed.  Even so, you will call them unbelievable.
You have never seen paintings like these.
 Firepaintings with
 Firepaintings with

Minimal Color

Minimal Colored Art Gallery

Moderate Color

Moderate Colored Art Gallery

Maximum Color

Maximum Colored Art Gallery
The images in this gallery are representative of the three most common firepainting styles. However, they are not necessarily representative of available artworks. For more information,                           Pete here, or see