Finger Paintings
Prior to fire, Pete worked in a variety of creative media.  He began his professional career working in oils. Unlike most oil painters, though, Pete's primary painting tools were his fingers.  
An Approching storm
 By combining oil paints with oil pastels, he created a hybrid medium too thick to spread with brushes, and his unique style of finger painting was born.  
With nearly every part of his hands and various pencil erasers, he created powerful, colorful landscapes reflecting his profound emotional response to the beauty of nature.
The Sentry
 Fortunately, he recorded these artworks in high-resolution film transparencies, and can now offer them as archival, signed and numbered, limited edition prints. 
These images represent Pete's finger painting technique at its best.  With one exception, all are in private collections.
Wouldn't these look wonderful on the walls in your home?
Each of these graphite and charcoal drawings begins as a stream of consciousness expression and develops through a series of random marks and erasures.
Every drawing contains very specific imagery and information, resulting in complex messages presented as social satire, simple commentary, or mere observation.
From this repetitive application of marks and counter-marks various forms emerge. From these abstract forms, recognizable shapes are derived and modeled.
As the process continues, individual characters are integrated into a cohesive whole, ending in a visual story.