Get Closer to The Fire

Pete Kephart's studio is located at the headwaters of the Potomac River.  It sits on a bluff overlooking the valley on a 40 acre wooded property, at the end of a dead-end road and the base of a mountain.  The place is surrounded by several thousand acres of uninhibited woodland and the varied topography of the Potomac Highlands.  He has one neighbor within three miles.

Painting Fire Paintings

The studio represents a rebuilt mid-nineteenth century cattle barn, and houses the majority of Pete's creative enterprises. While the structure is nearly new (2005), its exterior is finished with restored antique barn siding. And the building is  designed after a vintage barn that once stood on Pete's property.

Artists Studio
Masterpiece Theater

His home is a truly unique structure, an 1840 general store and post office that Pete dismantled and rebuilt in 2001.  It is finished almost entirely with original lumber, inside and out.  It too sits on a bluff over the river valley.  His intent on reconstructing these two buildings was to preserve the once important history of this particular location, especially during the civil war, in which his property played a crucial role. He has achieved his goal.  Now he contributes to the significance of this place from an art-historical perspective.

Pete welcomes visitors.  He has enjoyed many excellent guests from far-flung places over the years, and has a reputation as an excellent host.  He welcomes every opportunity to perform his proprietary Firepainting technique for an appreciative audience.  If you'd like to arrange a studio visit, please visit the contact page and reach out to Pete.  He will be happy to provide further details.

Tools of Fine Art
Colorfull Finger Tips
Come observe the artist in his natural habitat.  Witness his foraging and feeding habits.  Behold his unusual lifestyle and his unique nest.  Watch his creative instincts come alive before your eyes as he practices his painting rituals.

Pete's Potomac Paradise is located in Hampshire County, West Virginia.  The drive from New York takes a little over five hours.  This is also true from Charleston, WV.  From Philadelphia, or Richmond, VA, it's about four and a half.   Pittsburgh, PA,  and Harrisonburg, VA, are each about three hours away.  Morgantown, WV, and Washington, DC, are both a little more than two hours off.

Day trips, overnight visits, and extended stays can all be arranged.  Contact Pete for details.